(#) Digitalization in Germany - a never ending disaster.

2024-05-08 21:16:33 - 12 views

Before I even start ranting about all the things we're doing wrong here in good
old germany when it comes to digitalizing society, let me instead just tell you
two anectodes. I'm letting reality unfold the ranting today...

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(#) Make your diffs a little bit nicer with [diff-so-fancy](https://github.com/so-fancy/diff-so-fancy).

2024-04-29 01:56:52 - 11 views

I just wanted to do a quick fly-by and tell you about a neat little tool that
makes the output of `git diff` just a little bit nicer:

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(#) I'm sorry: books are dead.

2024-03-30 11:48:01 - 13 views

Recently I had one of those "shower thoughts" again: books are probably dead. Of
course I had to put this hypothesis immediately to the test, and so I fired up
llama3 and did a simple experiment.

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(#) I wrote a solver for [squares.org](https://squares.org).

2024-03-14 04:56:24 - 17 views

I like a quick puzzle. Solving riddles keeps your brain in shape, and coming up
with solutions to problems also just feels very satisfying to me.

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(#) Playing around with Stable Diffusion.

2024-01-14 01:47:35 - 86 views

I have been playing around with lots of AI stuff lately. Mostly with large
language models (LLMs), but I also wanted to try out some image generation

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(#) Never worry about boot sticks again: [Ventoy](https://www.ventoy.net) saves the day.

2023-12-20 11:40:55 - 92 views

Sometimes you've got to boot into a certain operating system (often from a
certain company that rhymes with Lara Croft). Or maybe you just want to try out
different distros? But you want the real meat, not just some virtual machine
experience without GPU. Oh boy, you are going to like what I'm about to tell

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(#) Wait, spiders are actually ... the victims?

2023-11-14 08:22:21 - 98 views

Shocking, I know! I always thought spiders were these absolutely superior
creatures in the world of insects, and wherever they are, they just absolutely
dominate the place. Using advanced techniques like setting up traps (spider
webs) or simply by having way more arms than any opponent: fighting against a
spider probably isn't a lot of fun and rarely successful. At least that's what I

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(#) How would society look like if people laid eggs?

2022-07-19 13:03:02 - 318 views

Humans are mammals, you probably knew that. But have you ever wondered how
(modern) society would look like if people were oviparous?

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(#) There's a surprising lack of Zeppelins these days.

2022-06-19 11:44:25 - 760 views

People can walk. Most people can swim, and most of those can dive (at least a
few meters). For us humans it's not hard to learn how to dive or sprint, and I'm
thankful for that. We have mastered almost every form of transportation there is
in the animal kingdom. But one is missing: Flying.

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(#) The FOSS world finally has its own TeamViewer: Introducing [RustDesk](https://rustdesk.com/).

2022-04-22 11:33:58 - 399 views

You've probably heard of TeamViewer before, and maybe even used it. Software
like this is called Remote Desktop Software, because it allows you to control
the desktop of a machine from a remote location, obviously.

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(#) Share your mouse and keyboard accross machines using [Barrier](https://github.com/debauchee/barrier).

2022-04-22 11:04:45 - 807 views

Have you ever heard of a kvm-switch? KVM stands for _keyboard video mouse_, and
a kvm-switch is a piece of hardware that lets you share one set of mouse,
keyboard and screen between multiple computers. They are quite common in server
space, but they also tend to be expensive.

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(#) Finally become a master of Regular Expressions with [regexlearn.com](https://regexlearn.com/).

2022-04-22 08:16:42 - 401 views

Regular Expressions are a mighty tool for word and text processing. They are not
just useful for programmers, but for anyone who wants a computer to recognize
patterns in strings. But a lot of people avoid them since they appear
complicated and have a steep learning curve.

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(#) Bee heroes! Open up your own hotel today.

2022-04-21 17:14:07 - 394 views

Here in good-old germany we have a few problems that, when taken together, make
people do stupid things.

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(#) Australia might have more to offer than you think.

2022-04-17 14:21:13 - 849 views

Today is Easter Sunday. In these modern times, that means firing up all your
messengers and wishing everyone of your friends and family members a happy

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(#) Blogging is (all about) fun.

2022-04-05 10:58:33 - 406 views

This is a blog. A place in the web where I can log stuff, a.k.a. weblog, or in
short blog. As I described in my
[very first post](https://lexlblog.de/?postid=1),
I was already playing with the idea of creating a blog of some sort for quite
a bit of time. Then,
gave me the slight push I needed, and here we are. Thx by the way for
that little story in your blog, Mr. Schade.

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(#) Easy and clean backups with [Duplicati](https://www.duplicati.com/).

2022-04-02 14:14:45 - 482 views

Aaand it happened. Not for me luckily, but for my father. His PC suddenly died.
He does have a bunch of PCs, mostly laptops, and some are for work and others
for private stuff. But yeah, this specific PC was **old**. Very old. And it
contained basically all the financial data my dad had and has to handle.
**A lot** of **very important** data. And all was gone.

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(#) Why don't we have a word for and/or?

2022-04-01 12:38:21 - 441 views

What differs us (humans) from animals? Well, you might be tempted to say "our
intelligence". But what is intelligence if not just a series/connection of

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(#) Great Python books you can read online for free!

2022-03-31 12:25:12 - 913 views

I recently stumbled accross a book on amazon called *Automate the Boring Stuff
with Python*. As it turns out, that book was written by a guy called **Al
Sweigart**. And not only that, but Mr. Sweigart also has his own
[blog](https://alsweigart.com/). A great guy!

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(#) Is `std::vector` any good?

2022-03-28 08:27:42 - 584 views

The [`std::vector<>`](https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/container/vector)
class is part of the C++ STL (standard library) and is
frequently used in basically any C++ program. If you look at some C++ code and
don't find any vectors, chances are the programmer is actually writing C code
and just doesn't know he/she has named it wrong (or doesn't care).

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(#) Hello World!

2022-03-24 09:53:58 - 913 views

**Hello World!**

Well, here we are. My very first blog post. But how does it come I actually just
started **now** with blogging?

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